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The Budgerigar Society of NSW

People who love budgies will find many pictures of budgie club members and their birds.

We also provide you with contact details for all the clubs around NSW that collectively make up the Budgerigar Society of NSW (Inc.) or the BSNSW. You can find hobbyists near you and when and where they meet to exchange views and ideas and at times you can also obtain budgies. You can also find links to people throughout the world who love budgies.

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Our Vision

The vision of the Society is to bring together people in a spirit of cooperation to foster and promote the keeping, breeding, welfare and exhibition of Budgerigars.

​Budgerigar – Australia’s International bird

​BSNSW is affiliated with the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC) and the World Budgerigar Organisation (WBO)