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This list includes Australian and overseas budgerigar organisations.

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Special Link

Jane Adam who is a member of the Society and is an animal/bird artist/sculptor who has done many things in the past including the National logies for the BSNSW when we held the Nationals in Coffs Harbour in 2004.

Her animal and bird sculptures are particularly impressive. Visit her website

Clubs, Organisations & Societies

Australian Clubs, Organisations & Societies
Australian Budgerigar Society Inc.
Budgerigar Council of Victoria
South West Victoria Budgerigar Society
Budgerigar Society of South Australia
Budgerigar Council of South Australia
Western Australian Budgerigar Council
Capricornia Budgerigar Society (Qld North & Central Zone)
South Queensland Budgerigar Breeders Association
Budgerigar Rare and Specialist Exhibitors of Australasia
Newcastle (NSW) Budgerigar Society
Taree Budgerigar Society
Elenbee Bird Supplies
Golden Cob
The Pet Directory
Lentra Direct 2U

Other Australian websites
Clubs of Australia
Bird Leg Bands Online

British Clubs, Organisations & Societies
World Budgerigar Organisation
Budgerigar Society UK
Clearwing Budgerigar Breeder's Association
Durham Avicultural Society
Midland Budgerigar Association
Northdowns Budgerigar Society
Lancs, Cheshire & North Wales Budgerigar Society
Spangled Budgerigar Breeders Association
Variegated Budgerigars Club
West Norfolk Budgerigar Club
Aberdeen Budgerigar Society
Rare Variety & Colour Budgerigar Society
Swindon Budgerigar Society

Clubs, Organisations & Societies from other countries
A.F.O (French Association of Budgerigars
American Budgerigar Society
Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society Canada
Budgerigar Association of America
Budgerigar World
Budgerigars Galore
Mutavi Research & Advice Group
Norwegian Budgerigar Society
Nederlandse Grasparkieten Club, Holland
Schauwellensittiche-ZG Stenglein
Budgerigar Association of Pakistan

Breeder websites

Australian Breeder websites
Watts Family
Ken Yorke
Stephen Elliott

British Breeder Websites
Graham & Nat Adams
Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser
Tony Cash
Dave Cottrell
Alan Einig
Ian & Pat Fielding
Ray Fox
Eric Gibbons
Clive Hesford
G K Jones
C & M Snell
Brian Sweeting
Yvonne Tuxford
John Wilson

European Breeder websites
Florian Böck (Germany)
Fritz Büttner (Germany)
Holger Stangier (Germany)
Cor Booster (Netherlands)
Erik Jonker Netherlands)
Peter Seymour (Netherlands)
Suzanna Rajala (Sweden)
Tom Svensson (Sweden)
Hermann & Marcel Buhler (Switzerland)

USA Breeder websites
Emery Misencik
Kitty Newman
Lou Smaldino

Other Country Breeder Websites
Yukio Ozaki(Japan)

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