Articles in our Library

Currently, we have four articles in our library. We would like to be able to add more in the near future. If you have any suitable articles, please contact us.

  • Candling Eggs by David Tippett
    "This is life in the making and I am part of it."
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  • Single Factor Clearwings by Pancho Tomas.
    "Among Australian Clearwing breeders, the expressions single-factor and double-factor Clearwing are rarely used."
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  • New Virus Alert by John R. Baker (The Budgerigar Society, U.K.)
    "Since the last insert in The Budgerigar, there have been some developments with regard to this condition."
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  • Importation - AFFA
    "As many of you are aware, the importation of Exhibition Budgerigars from the U.K. commenced in 1990 and, due to perceived health risks was banned in 1995."
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  • Budgerigar Society of New Zealand magazine
    We are entering into a reciprocal type arrangement with the Budgerigar Society of New Zealand whereby we are exchanging our magazines.
    August 2014 Bulletin