c Budgerigar Society of NSW Inc | Calendar of shows and auctions

Our Calendar

Here are the shows, auctions and of other important dates for 2014-15.

Check the branch page for more details, such as the show schedules, etc.:

What's on in 2014

26th - St.George/Illawarra Branch YBS - Schedule
26th - New England Branch YBS

9th - Penrith Valley Annual Show.
15th - Mid-State Budgerigar Club Annual Show.
16th - Shoalhaven Branch - Shoalhaven Classic YBS - Show schedule

What's on in 2015

1st - Illawarra Branch Annual Show
8th - Shoalhaven Annual Show
15th - St George Branch Annual Show
22nd - Newcastle BC Annual Show

1st - Hills District Branch Annual Show
8th - Hunter Branch Annual Show
8th - New England Branch Annual Show
15th - Central Coast Branch Annual Show
South Western NSW budgerigar Society Branch Show

7th - Orana Avicultural Society Annual Show
28th - Budgerigar Improvement Society Show
28th - Gulgong & District Avicultural Society Show

4th - Hills District Branch Auction



13th - New England YB Show
13th - Northside Branch Annual Show