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These awards are not longer held. They have been replaced by the Champion Exhibitor Point Score.

They were based on a points system for all exhibitors who show at approved events - all status exhibitors were eligible to compete. The aim of the competition was to encourage competition and increase the number of exhibits across all varieties.

The competition included.

  • An Overall Exhibitor points tally
  • A point score scheme for each National Variety (plus separate sections for Saddleback, Dark Eyed Clear and Darkwing, plus a section for Suffused or Grey Yellow/White.
  • A point score scheme for the additional new classes: Normal Violet, Spangle (non-compound), Spangle AOSV & Australian Yellow Faced Blue (combined Single and Double Factor)

Competition Rules as of 16 March 2012.

Abbreviations used:
AOSV - Any Other Standard Variety
ASV - Any Standard Variety
ASC - Any Standard Colour
NSV - Non Standard Variety

The results stored as Adobe pdf files.

2012 Final Results

Overall Final Scores
Variety Final Scores
(Updated 24th January 2013).

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